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                                        CODE OF ETHICS

As members of the National Association for Search and Rescue, we acknowledge and commit to honor to the best of our ability the following values:

* THAT we have a moral obligation to the missing or injured and  to the agencies,
volunteer organizations and other NASAR members with whom we work.  We shall
endeavor to guard their interests honestly and deal with them fairly, wisely and in
efficient, proper manner. We shall behave honestly in all matters, respect privileged
communication, avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest and deal with others
courteously and politely.

* THAT we shall continuously work to raise the standards of performance of search and
rescue to the highest attainable levels without regard to race, sex, religion, cultural
background, sexual preference, economic, or social condition in service to humanity.

* THAT we have an obligation to advance the knowledge and skills of search and
rescue so that we can serve the needs of the missing or injured. We shall strive to
improve our own knowledge and skills; support others by sharing our experiences;
and strive to keep ourselves fully informed of new developments in the profession.

* THAT we shall support the mission of the National Association for Search and Rescue "... that others may live", and shall at all times conduct ourselves in an ethical and prudent manner worthy of our professions. Our signature below constitutes our personal affirmation responsibly to discharge these obligations.                                          

The Anderson City Technical Rescue Team